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  • Nov 26, 2012
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About Me
"puddle, just want you to know, you're worth more than 10 bdoubleds." - Doonrothmani.....
"Puddle Jumper is the new kid on the block, his attempts for attention can sometimes be taken the wrong way, like a chihuahua nipping at your ankles. However puddle jumper had the kindest of hearts and craves affection. On his day can match commenting abilities with the best but is inconsistent."-CrackheadJimmy 2013
......"Puddle_Jumper exhibits somewhat erratic behavior that reflects possible bi-polar tendancies. This correlates to mild manic depressive spells. He's an outgoing individual who can make people feel comfortable in social situations, but can also confuse a situation and draw overly subjective conclusions, resulting in apparently irrational behavior. He exhibits mild obsessive compulsive behavior, having to possibly check and recheck things more than the average person. He has fits of genius as his teachers probably told his mother in class, but it is a difficult energy to control a
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