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  • Aug 14, 2012
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About Me
Imagination and Technology; together created by a desire to communicate that which cannot otherwise be delivered is the means by which Rybird operates. Combining a vast background in electronics and music experience with emotion and fantasy, electronic music artist Rybird uses music and videos as a medium to share across sensual lines. Rybirds influences include his lifes experiences, in addition to all the music he has listened to. The medium is a mixture of certain genres of musical styles combined with idealism that creates a relationship not requiring any other form of connection.

Rybird has currently produced eight albums and numerous music videos.

Rybird Discography

Grind and Polish (released October 2008)
Sonic Hooky (released March 2009)
Nativicity (released September 2009)
Dragons and Dragonflies (released March 2010)
2am (Released Sept 2010)
Halcyon Khu (released Feb 2011)
Music for Interrogation (released Aug 2012)
Arion (released Nov 2012)
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