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I'm Sharaya Brooks. I love movies, and laughing, and eating good food, getting creative, and all of the nice things in life... I'm a LIBRA I have a darling man named David. I love the Victorian era and I'm kind of eccentric and shy. I really love making art for myself. I have always had an odd sense of taste and that is where most of my ideas come from. I am an artist but I like to experiment with different styles, techniques, and genres, my favorite being horror and macabre with a touch of cute.. I create for my self. Because it makes me happy and helps me connect with kindred spirits or like minded people. Not all of my artwork is here on my profile so If you would like to see more then please check out my DeviantArt page or my RedBubble account. I also love fashion design and crafts. I'm not great at this describing myself thing so that will be all for now! If you care to know what's up on a regular basis then just check out my blog.

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