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About Me

Well, you know. I enjoy getting money, fucking bitches, (money over bitches) listening to music. My favorite rappers are Jeezy, Jibbs, Gucci, Mims, Joc, Boosie. Pretty much any rappers with unexistent words for names, "Lil" or "Young" as a prefix for their name, I consider D-boy fresh on a positive tip. I can't wait for Young Lil' JibbsyJeez to drop his next hit.

Besides that I just like to chill, serve fiends, and go to the mall to clown on nerd ass whiteys wearin last year's Jordan sandals. They probably think they're fresh.

I've been going through some emotional hardship lately. See pimpin' aint easy, (you probably wouldn't understand) and all these haters jockin' my style because they know I stay fresh and fitted. Also I got like 100 black friends but I still get made fun of for being white. (You may not have noticed from the picture but I'm actually lightskinded. I know in my heart I got African ancestors to stand by my side I just haven't met any yet.) My mama tried to tell me I wasn't adopted, but I know all too well I was made for the streets.


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