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About Me

Tigheland Productions is an independent production company based out of Vancouver Canada. We work very hard on no budget to push the limits to develop original, creative and edgy content for the web. We are proud to release are first new hit comedy web series The Backshop Show.

The Story of The Backshop Show

After his beloved grandfather dies, Roy Tighe, a 25-year-old aspiring golf pro, is left in the unique position of being both the owner of a legendary golf course and the most unsuited person for that particular job.

In order to make good on his promise to keep the golf course on par, Roy enlists the help of his best friend, Pauly MacDonald. Pauly is a gifted businessman whose drive to keep the course level is as strong as Roy's.

With the help of their fragile childhood friend, PP, the boys set out to have a relaxing summer on the fairways of their very own golf course

We welcome you to enjoy our humor and would like to hear your feed back. Thank you for the support

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