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About Me

Im Gary I'm an entertainer, actor, DJ, master steak chef... basically I work like a 5 year old in a sweat shop. I have theories about life that blow people's minds. More or less about pretty much every area. I'm supposed to be the "good guy", but the fact of the matter is I can only be as good as you are to me... SOOOOOO... If you are a girl and want to talk about your ex-boyfriend or worse... your CURRENT one. Get a therapist or one of these assclowns on here showing his abs and that leave you 100 comments on your picture telling you what a Godess you are and chasing your affection like he's down $300 in Vegas. I'm NOT the good guy... in fact, you warned you about me... Alot... you should have listened, she knew what she was talking about. Say what you want, but at least I'm not boring. :) I tried the whole doormat nice guy thing once... I really did. so I turned to the dark side and I have an upper management job waiting for me in hell. I might be kidding about all this... I really might. :) Guess you will have to have your own experience with me to know for sure. Otherwise, I really hate whistlers... I mean REALLY hate them. Especially in places that echo. People that stand in and monopolize walkways to have conversations also need their tongue removed with a spoon. It's a walkway... not a talkway!! I enjoy paying for things with bizarre amounts of change.. Most of the time people get one single solitary chance with me to be something exceptional be it friends or otherwise... believe it or not, it's not hard to be exceptional. It's like getting an A in 2nd grade... more or less you just gotta be somewhat normal and share your play dough. . I'm a human lie detector and I can find discrepencies in pretty much every story (just ask my scandelous ex's). I should work for the CIA... (and maybe I do) I don't care if you are a fatty, lying about who you are and using someone else's pics is unacceptable. That's all I got... oh my god, you love me don't you? All the info suitable for stalking...

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