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About Me

Hi my name is Bernadette... and I like to collect stickers, smell things, and try and grab the stream of water that comes out of taps. (So elusive) I also get so flattered when people copy pasta my profile shit and turn it into something about anal sex.. (so original).

I'm 21 years old, and I have a loving boyfriend who doesn't play WOW. I wouldn't trade him for anything, not even a klondike bar, or this dyke named Klon:

"Bernadette, you are hereby an official
ebaum's girl. You're gender has
been visually confirmed and inspected by the
best methods known to RJM. You may get
dressed and receive your seal of RJM


Ebaum Goals (aka shit aspirations)

[x] Lose my Feature Virginity
[x] War it up with a troll
[x] Prove that I'm not a man
[x] Gain User Status
[x] Gain Senior User Status
[x] Get 10k eReps
[x] Get 100k eReps
[ ] Spend eReps on pretend prizes
[ ] Receive pretend prize
[x] 10,000 profile views
[x] Page o' Haters (search Tyaeda in the search bar)
[ ] Block 50 people from posting shit on my profile (15 thus far)
[ ] Page of features
[x] Have 10 people subscribe to me
[ ] Get 25 subscriptions
[x] Get some loving from a fat man (lard_infamous)
[x] Make one of these 'X' lists
[x] Get a cool pair of shades
[x] Get a cool pair of bouncy shades =D (Thanks boomshakalaka)
[x] Find a bunch of unoriginal bastards who copy pasta this shit in an attempt to be funny.
[x] Have 5 whiny bitches write hate blogs about, or mentioning me.
[ ] Win a caption contest
[ ] Win a Photoshop contest
[ ] Meet up with Homeless Mustard (homeless guy who sings "creep") and make a bunch of money by traveling the country, winning karaoke contests.
[ ] Receive a large shipment of real Klondike bars from RJM, that are probably all melty now, cause he sent them to my old address.

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