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About Me

Im an upcoming underground atrist born N raised in scarborough in the city of Toronto, Canada. Im currently 22 years old. I started killin freestyles at 17 with the man Cannibal, but then as time went on the aggression in my flow started to rise like a fukin tidal wave. The aggression took over at the age of 18 where I was destroyin any mothafuka that thought they could test the man Trauma. Eva since Wu Tang dropped 36 Chambers N Tupac dropped 2Pacalypse now, i immediately felt that hip hop was my thing. Even at such a young age I fully understood the crazy messages through the lyrics I was listening to. Hip hop at that age gave me a rush. Now when I spit it gives me a feeling of burning adrenaline. I haved also worked with other scarborough veteranz that have influenced me as well such as the entire 4our1ne6ix clique and im currently buying beats to make my own CD from "Anno Domini Records", "Vokab", and "Think". Its going to take time N hard work but i'll do whatever it takes in my power to accomplish my dreamz

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