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  • Jul 14, 2009
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About Me
If you already "know" me here on ebaums you will know that i am NEVER serious here.. I came here almost 6 years ago purely for the "Lulz" and that has NEVER changed. If you don't "like" me for any reason please feel free to no longer visit my profile. If we have somehow become "friends" on ebaums in someway you have the option to "block" me if you don't like or want to read my comments... Basically I don't "know" nor do I "Care" about ANYONE on here (with the exception of a few, selected people) . . . I'm not here to be "liked" by ANYONE.. I have my OWN opinions and am not afraid to express them to ANYONE !!...
'Nuff of bitching... I like to consider myself a highly intelligent person (but not conceited in ANY way).. and if you want to be "friends" with me please feel free to send a friend request.. Otherwise take the time to please Fuck Off and find someone else on this site who will respond verbally or (textually) here on the main comment boards or in chat to your childish bullshi
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