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About Me

The name's Geraldo Ignacio Jesus Alacran
Jimenez Garcia De La Cruz Torres. I've just
made an account on this website and quite
frankly, it's shit. I've skimmed around the
comments in the past and told myself I would
never be a part of this cluster-fuck you
imbeciles call "trolling", but here
the fuck I am. Not so fast. I am actually here
to police you assholes and to make sure you
all know you have literally no lives. Every
single one of you is fat, gay, ugly, stupid,
and possibly mentally retarded. I cannot
stress enough how incredibly wasteful all of
your lives truly are. Honestly, I might just
leave this as my final comment and leave this
atrocity of a website forever. Let that be a
lesson to you all.

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