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About Me

It's AXP on my 2ndary account.

Hace 5 weeks with no progress...well hace 9 months with no progress... It's about time to have el progress.

I will upload uncropped versions of the pics you can see if you search "axp090909" which show me. I will also add others which were not uploaded to further prove that I am the original axp.

Feel free to ask any top user as I used this account, and my gmail to communicate with them immediately after my axp090909 account was deleted by ellimem in january.

Prizes still pending:
7x $100 Amazon Gift Card

Prizes claimed and Received as AXP090909:
3x $100 Amazon Gift Card
2x iPod Touch
2x Bose Companion 3
1x PS3
1x Canon DSLR camera
1x Garmin GPS

Almost 100 features and over 6million career points were lost when a little tool deleted my account several months ago. You just move on...but I'm waiting for the 7x Amazon gift cards which are still pending to move on and reopen as AXP090909 again!

PM me for information, tips, and advise; I'll be glad to help with strategies which got me to the top. If we all do well, the site does well!


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