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About Me

Facts not supported by opinions are just facts. Opinions not supported by facts are just lies.
Fun fact: Donald_Chump, aka Rosk, mrekcab, Stoplizardtrump, Trumptard, DustyHubby, blink456, bakerm, Ahab_Arab, RBE0 (not RBEO), Jerrri (not Jerri), Eye Candy (not Eye_Cand), URFAT, URREALLYFAT, BigFatLardAss, Waaaaaaa (multiple accts) aka dozens of other alts is a dumb fat troll, needs to get his/her winch fixed to hoist his/her fat ass out of the bed in the morning, spends all of his/her time eating cookies and cream ice cream and collecting disability, stalking me and other users who debate against her lazy blob waste of space.. Don't be fooled, he/she pathetically talks to his/her alts and really doesn't have any friends on here. She's so lonely, looking for a bromance with a special lad. Or anyone with a penis who will actually read her comments. She is especially butt hurt about losing the election in 2016, since it means her lazy ass

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