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About Me

Facts not supported by opinions are just facts. Opinions not supported by facts are just lies.
Fun fact: Donald_Chump, aka Rosk, mrekcab, Stoplizardtrump, Trumptard, DustyHubby, blink456, bakerm, Ahab_Arab, RBE0 (not RBEO), Jerrri (not Jerri), Eye Candy (not Eye_Cand), URFAT, URREALLYFAT, BigFatLardAss, Waaaaaaa (multiple accts) aka dozens of other alts is a dumb fat troll, needs to get his/her winch fixed to hoist his/her fat ass out of the bed in the morning, spends all of his/her time eating cookies and cream ice cream and collecting disability, stalking me and other users who debate against her lazy blob waste of space.. Don't be fooled, he/she pathetically talks to his/her alts and really doesn't have any friends on here. She is especially butt hurt about losing the election in 2016, since it means her lazy ass will have to get a job. edsbrian is just a jagoff. Cunna and him are butthurt cuz I kicked them off my buddy list.

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