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About Me

I imagine bv, mog, Solace, and yank forming an
ACTUAL Voltron per my suggestion to raise
tawpas' kid, then butt fucking while the UPS
guy drinks bleach. Also I'm there with the
stereo AND the TV on at the same time. Cause I
like to party.

bvmeone, how did you get all the bitches on this site to dangle from your testicles? It's like you're the new DocH!
-- LexLuther

I can just imagine BV fucking a chick. She is
in full orgasm and than out of no where he
cracks a joke.

Bv, when it comes to love, I never knew it
until I met you. I never felt the strength and
warmth of such a powerful man before. You're
my one true love, and I can't wait to start my
life with you! xoxo

I can tell bvmeone got his own place like a
BO$$ because he has cookies for breakfast.
Imagine your mom's face when she see that. I
have vodka and cake for breakfast at least
four times a week.

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