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About Me

Hello internets,

My name is Andy O. I am 4 to 5 hundred years old, but I age well because I eat only organic food. I once fought with dragons and won. Sometimes on the weekends, I pee in a bucket next to the side of my bed, to see how much of the bucket I can fill by the end of the weekend, a few times, I had to get more buckets. I'm by no means fat, because I only weight 350 pounds, but it's all in my arms and hands.

I don't actually own all of the videos I upload, but I own all of you because you're bitches, the game. If you have any problems with the videos I upload, please explain to me your problem in great detail and butthurt in the comment section and I'll make sure to delete the offensive material immediately. Have a good day and don't kill yourselves, unless it's on tinychat and you tell me before hand so I can record it.

Andy O

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