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About Me

The Spirit Guard: Madonna
These are sculptures which with their formal appearance recall the past. At the same time they are made in a material that is often mentioned as a possible base of the future. At night the light inside of the sculptures ensouls them, while during the day blankness dominates. Anthony Gormley´s artwork "Another Place" shows men naked, who are permanently exposed to atmospheric conditions at one special place in nature. In opposition to Gormley: Kielnhofer uses transparent, protective coverings which normally enclose mankind. Through the airiness of the used material the Madonnas move easily from one place to the other. These could be seen as an analogy to Richard Sennett´s flexible men. They are those who are searching for his/her identity but still remain as a part of the whole picture subject to the expectations of a capitalistic and globalized world. Manfred Kielnhofers art encourages reflection and opens to access to a hope of something which stays constant and is of continued existence.
The media- and light artist Manfred Kielnhofer has been making his living as an artist since the year 2000. His art work is shown nationally in Austria, as well as internationally and attracts the viewer with its skillful combination of light and materiality. Manfred Kielnhofer lives and works in Linz, Austria.

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