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About Me

The region’s first online video directory for restaurants has been launched in the UAE is dedicated exclusively for restaurants in UAE and the region. is the region’s first online video directory for restaurants. It is designed to make viewers choices for dining out in Dubai and the UAE a lot easier. As an exclusive restaurant web channel you don't just read a restaurant review instead you watch online videos for restaurants in Dubai and the UAE. Its goal is to attract customers to the restaurants featured on the site by compelling and mouthwatering images of what they can expect when they get there. This helps them make an informed choice for eating out in Dubai. If they fancy a sushi or teppanyaki dinner they will be able to see a video of a Japanese restaurant in Dubai on

Whether it is Chinese cuisine, Indian curries, Middle Eastern mezze, French delicacies, Italian pastas or Far Eastern dishes viewers can browse through the video gallery and pick a restaurant that intrigues them. They will find out about the cuisine, interiors, best selling dishes…perhaps even meet the chef. So they click, watch and head out to the restaurant to eat! At the click of a button viewers will be able to swiftly access information on Eating Out in Dubai and the UAE

It serves as a visual Dubai Restaurant Guide and it will include online videos for restaurants in Abu Dhabi as well. In fact its aim is to cover Restaurants in UAE. Future plans include Dubai Restaurant Reviews and Abu Dhabi Restaurants Reviews where viewers can post their choice of Best Restaurants in Dubai as well as Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi. also gives the opportunity to build loyalty programs. Opt-in registrations will lead to newsletters, competitions with prizes, information pop-ups, tips on cooking, dining etiquette, gourmet jargon and so on. is poised to become a popular information resource and online video directory for Restaurants in UAE.

The impact is so different from reading a Dubai dining & restaurant guide or an Abu Dhabi dining & restaurant guide.

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