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About Me

Graduated at Sydney Uni BSc(Vet)(Hons), BVSc(Hons) 1972 as veterinary surgeon and physician. Small animal practice at Forestville, Sydney serving dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, cavies, rats, mice, ferrets, reptiles, wildlife. Described and named Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease(PBFD), Wrote Vade Mecum 2 Diseases of Birds, wrote many articles and papers and often spoke re bird diseases at veterinary conferences.

Co-owned and worked in private Fauna Park and Tourist Attraction in Sydney 1987 for 3.5 years. Became Australia's first registered bird specialist in caged and aviary bird health 1992-93. Operated Homebush Animal Hospital until 2006 and provided facilities variously as Dog Pound for Strathfield, Auburn, Burwood and Concord Municipal Councils.
Served as Group Scout Master for 1st Terrey Hills for 3-4 years.

Currently consulting from home part time and writing one of a series of large species specific books on bird health and disease and looking for help assembling books on other species of other birds, insects, flowers, fungi (toadstools), coastal environment and marine, childrens books.

Love nature photography including marine while snorkeling. As a creator I have many potential inventions and ventures in mind including clothing apparel, decals and laminates that I need help patenting, producing and marketing. I am also looking for potential operators of a quantum mechanics instrument that has health and wellbeing relevance.

My spiritual journey is very important to me and although based in Christianity it also embraces involvement with other denominations and spiritual activities that can be summarised as my aspiration to Love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never. I have completed a series of courses with Barbara and Terry Tebo, Free to be me.
I am in process of donating much of my previous veterinary hospital equipment and supplies to vet school and vets in Bali and aspire to help improve animal welfare, especially street dogs, caged birds in Bali and SE Asia, that will involve appointing and training local and overseas adult and child ambassadors to educate and inspire sustainable living practices that extend to caring for and restoring the habitat of endangered species such as Balinese Starling and Orangutans.

My deepest and most challenging aspiration is to help cofound a centre, a global, or continent by continent hub of learning and expertise in holistic health and sustainable living that has relevance to individual people, communities and societies, their pets, gardens, parks, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and natural environment, such that everyone has ready access to embracing changes urgently needed to live in harmony with each other and Nature, with links to the many thousands of more focused organisations and resource centres around the world.

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