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  • Nov 17, 2010
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About Me
Hey! I hate writing these things out, you either sound really boring or pretentious... But I will give it a go. I am Laura, I am a student doing an NVQ in beauty therapy, I don't want to work in a beauty salon I am actually hoping one day to work in a morgue, putting make up on deceased bodies and so on. I have a huge obsession with vintage make up, my favourite eras were the 1920's and the 1970's. I love space talk and anything to do with the cosmos, Carl Sagan is among my favourite people. Among my other interests include ; Psychology, Animals, Music, Serial Killers, Gardening, Black Comedy, Being a loner.

I would say I am a very honest genuine person, who really does have a heart of gold. I would do anything for anyone. I love laughter and my favourite time of day is bath time :) I am quite a loud person and I have very strong beliefs which I take very seriously and would never change for another human being ever.

I love my Cat and my two rats x

furrypissflaps, your p
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