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About Me

Hi, GamerZorg! is here! If there are somebody who want to know what we do, here is the list:

- Play games, mostly casual/indie games

- Download some games that we have any feeling on them

- Put the downloaded games on our site, arrange them to be a great games compilation based on our judgement

- Play them again and again on our site, to see if there are anything that will bring new ideas into our head

- Make a twist game from some of them, make sure that no rights is violated, sometimes the twisted games is far different from the original one

- Spread the twisted game to anyone who wanna know any improvement we made from the original one, hear their critics, accept their scold, believe that someday we’ll make games better than today

- Play another games


Q: Why are you stole good games?

A: No we don’t, improving a game’s mechanic is not considered stole the game. We try our best to give additional value to the original idea, while trying not to step to anyone toes.

Q: But you stole their ideas!

A: Yes, but most of the games around is based on any existing ideas. The original value of the game is their twists and their arts.

Q: Why don’t you just create any hentai puzzle game?

A: That kind of picture arrange games is almost unable to be twisted anymore. If you love them because of the hentai, read the comics.

Q: But the pictures are gorgeous and sexy and all!

A: Why don’t you just find any real girl around?

Q: F#$k you game thief!

A: Yeah thanks f#$king fat lazy scolder!

Q: Your games is sh

A: Thanks for playing!

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