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About Me

New at gypsy box productions, promote yourself free. Gypsy box productions will promote you free, here is how. You have a music video? we will tag it & upload it to multiple sites for free. Don't have a music video? No problem we make them and we can work with you. We will then promote you as mentioned above for free. We also offer the following services through Gypsy Box Productions: Arranging, mix down, Entire song, you pick the topic or person to be about. Music to your lyrics, lyrics to your music, Voice, harmonies, or any and all instruments to your song. Arranging, mix down, Cd made of your song, Studio recording, Music video your song, Get any or all of these services & much more.. when it comes to music there is nothing we can't do and nothing we don't offer, just ask. (410)-330-2033. We are on multiple websites, we have a lot of places watching our videos & downloading our videos, if you want to check out our Internet presence, see how many places we are, and decide weather yo

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