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About Me

There are many sides to the comedic genius of Jeff Dunham, who has risen in recent years to become a genuine entertainment phenomenon with an international 360-degree reach that includes record-breaking television specials, staggering DVD sales over 4 million (and rapidly counting), 360 million views on You Tube, a current international tour expected to gross $45 million, his own merchandise company that enjoys brisk sales of nearly 50 Dunham items, and a publishing deal that will see the publication of his first book in 2009. Ever-increasing legions of devoted and highly active fans savor Dunham’s concert appearances, TV shows, DVDs, CD and You Tube clips over and over and fervently spread the word on an entertainer who is not just a favorite with but beloved by his followers. His widespread fame has led Dunham to sign a multi-platform deal with Comedy Central to encompass all areas of entertainment, including television, DVDs, a stand-up special, consumer products partnership, and a 60-city Comedy Central Live stand-up tour.

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