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About Me

Listen! I'm one Crazy Mother Fucker. I cannot nearly understand the complexities of myself or if there even are complexities; and perhaps that's what causes me to believe I'm clinically psychotic! No, I did not ecscape from a mental institution..
I've really lost my Mind in this place known as San Diego. Truly. I'm without the appropriate vocabulary to make you, the reader, understand what I'm trying to dispense unto you. My mental stability is unfathomable; I have no idea when all this compression is going to finally implode, and, for that matter, what I'm capable of creating, perhaps even destroying. But one day it is going to come and I'm a little bit scared of how long I've restrained action................
More on me:
I'm a Stoner, foremost,
A Hippie,
Slightly emo
SadoMasochist within more realms.
Seriously, I'm a Fetishist ---- And I love using that term ---- See, there's still peace in me somewhere.
It's all about Trust, Harmony & Self-Exploration
Peace, Love & BDSM!!!

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