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About Me

I spent all my money on drugs, and couldnt afford to fly
I took a greyhound bus, you and your brat sat next to me
It wouldnt shut up, so I lit it on fire
For 30 seconds it was louder, then it shut up

I lit your baby on fire !

You came back from the bathroom and smelled something burning
You realized it was your baby and I started to laugh
You asked the driver to pull over, but he laughed at you too
You yelled at me, so I roasted some marshmallows on your kid

I was at the hospital laughing at cripples
Then I heard your kid just died
Suddenly, that was funnier than the cripples
So I tracked you down and made fun of you

Your kid died, and you cried
And I thought it was funny

It was an open casket wake
I spilled my beer in your kids coffin
Your mascara ran because you were crying
So I kicked your husband in the balls

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