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About Me

Averaging only 3 stars on the internet, yet destined for fame in the real world, Magpieking was born borderline artistic.
Although wealth and power were not his main goals in life he was willing and able to take the helm of whatever life had chosen as his destiny.
Some tribal folk from his homeland in Crawley, UK were to have said "He was born ready."
At the ripe old age of &# he has already accomplished most of his dreams and aspirations.
Here are his top 10:

#1.) Get blown by a thousand girls at one time.
#2.) Make Mel Gibson go mad in real life just like he did in Mad Max.
#3.) Get blown by Mel Gibson.
#4.) Go to space.
#5.) Get blown by a thousand girls and Mel Gibson in space.
#6.) Consolidate all of my African spam investment debts in to one easy penis enlarging survey poker quiz.
#7.) skydiving with Stephen Hawking.
#8.) Bungee jumping with Dolphins.
#9.) Mountain climbing with Terry Wogan.
#10.) Take heroin with Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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