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About Me

the details of my life are quite consiquensial, my father was a relentlessly self improving blongerie owner from belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a apperent penshant for buggery, my mother was a 15 year old french prostitute with webbed feet. my father would womanize and drink, he would make outragious claims such as he invented the question mark, sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort general malaize only the genius posses and the insane lement. my childhood was tipcal summers in rangoon and looned lessons, in the spring we'ed make meat helmets, when i was insulent i was put in a burlap bag and beaten with rage, pretty standard, at 12 i recieved my first scribe, at 14 a russian named roma ritualistically shaved my testicles, theres nothing really like a shorn scrotum its breathe taking, u should try it.

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