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About Me

Alright guys. Heres whats been going on in my life so far. I left the biggest douche bag on earth, i moved back home(go Cards), I am now in college, and i have job. My life is really crazy right now and sorry guys I still have no fuckin internet!! But I do have a computer!!YAY!!! But it's my brothers!! but I got to go!! i Love ALLLLLLL of YOU!!!! Tons of motherfucken Kisses!! Peace!!
Take care all and lots of love!!

My music of choice is metal, but I like pretty much everything.

I don't really have any Goals for Ebaums. And just 2 let all of you know I don't care if I repost shit, cause if I have it on here it's because I like it or I think it's funny. I also don't spend my entire time on this site looking 2 see if i will repost shit. People get 2 emotional over stupid shit like that.... I don't care.Lifes 2 short 2 get upset over 2 many uploads and shit that's reposted.
Have a Fantastic Day.

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