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About Me

Kayla Vasilakos

I've been an extra in 3 movies and a stand in for 2 movies, Also a SAG member. I was one of the nut's in the wacky ward in 12 monkeys, I've was in Snake Eyes as a extra stand-in on the movie Fallen (I was the Charlie's stand in) I also had a speaking part as a conductor on the train to ask Denzel "hobs" for his ticket the Jerks cut the scene.
I ended up on the floor of the cutting room. 1 min 36 sec of fame gone.
I managed to be an extra in movie Ladder 49; I was one of the firemen on the ladder truck crew.

I was an extra in a B movie called Bottom Feeders. Then had a second leading role in a B movie called The Dick Wilson Story I played Lt. Jack Murphy Not least an extra in Hack in all the Philadelphia shoots and extra in the early Cold Case series.

I got into comedy since December 2006 after showing up at the doors of the Kidd Chris Show at 94WYSP Radio in Philly. I was the annoying daily train wreck until the show was released by CBS Radio East in May of

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