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About Me

I feel that art should illicit an immediate response. The days of arguing, deconstructing, and analyzing is now a past time. I have brought my art to the social networking sites of the internet in an attempt to spread the macabre world of assemblages that occupies my time.
When I am not making art, I am a non-traditional student at the University of Pittsburgh @ Bradford. They are partially funding an art initiative that will put kiosks selling art made by only local artists in small areas with little exposure to the arts.
And, this is what my life is right now.
I've lived many lifetimes in my years.
No snide, silly or derogatory comments phase me, as I've been online since the 1990s, and nothing is shocking anymore.
I came to ebaumsworld years ago, when it was run by a fat man in Rochester, to play Triple Jack poker, a game where mods won all tournaments, and occasionally a straight would beat a flush. I gave up on that. I wanted mass exposure, so here is my art. If you like it: awesome, if you don't, then you don't.

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