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About Me

My name is Justin aka Otis The Rapper. I am a man with one mission in mind. . . GET OUT OF DEBT! Yes my friends, my mission is that simple. You see, I have no delusions of becoming rich and famous, I just want to pay back my student loans and get Nelnet off of my ass! Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't just go online and ask people for money; and I am not lazy!! I do work full time, but sadly, I just don't make enough money at my current job to pay them back at the moment. . . . But, I am a pretty decent rapper and do think of a funny video from time to time. So, with your help, I should be able to get enough subscribers and followers to help me reach my goal. To do my part, I will continue to make stupid videos, funny songs, and whatever else it takes to make you like me! Thanks for taking the time to get to know Otis!

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