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About Me

Paperboyz is an Hip/Hop, R&B & Pop group. They are Nigerian boyz who are based in ukraine, currently study in the medical university.
There names are, Mayor Boss (born june 5 ,1986) and Della Ratta (born October 5 ,1987)
The group began their music career 2008 with a hit single ( You Know) and they ride on to produce Their first debut album simply titled MOVING which was released in October 1, 2009 with 13 tracks , in march 06, 2010 they drop a single Livin On The Edge feat Quis from the mixtape (Paperboyz lavish life Mixtape) which gained success all over the world.
in june 2010 Paperboyz made their first Ukraine tour with Angeliya from city to city.
The group did a freestyle to the song free madness by one of the Nigeria famous musician
Terry G earning them popularity in Nigeria.
Due to a lot of request’s from fans, finally in 23 August 2010 Paperboyz released the Mixtape with 21 tracks on it. Title (Paperboyz lavish life Mixtape).
since starting of the group till now they have done a lot of collaboration with Artists in theTrack Title USA, Ukraine, Belgium, Russia and Nigeria.
The group produce and market their songs as an independent artist.
They do music for the fun of music and the fact that they grow up listen to Africa hip hop music. They are song writer as well, fellow paperboyz on .
Paperboyz love you all

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