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About Me

I'm a myspace loser. I have the standard set of photos taken at odd angles where I'm dressed oddly set in strange settings. I have them with me pouting, lots of tittie exposed, in goth makeup, covered in fake tattoos, sexy pictures with other females, throwing up gang signs...ect. All loaded on my myspace page.You get the idea...I'm a myspace loser! That being haters can suck my boney ass. Thanks for visiting my ebaums profile...I simply love you guys...really... I... do. Now F O
NOTE TO THE UK EMO ON MYSPACE WHO USES THE NAME PHOTOSHOPAHOLIC : Remember , it's down the highway and not across the road.. go deep EMO girl... go deep.
UPDATE: metailmonkey made a great point, simply brilliant...a true master...I quote.. "down the highway and THEN across the street" Thanks metailmonkey, your attention to detail is second to none.

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