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  • Nov 27, 2012
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About Me
A little about the Author; R.J. DeNardo is an internationally known, published and award-winning Author/Novelist. The Captain’s Propensity is R.J.’s second novel, which is next in the series of sequels to his first novel, The Andromeda Incident. In 1990, R.J. also self-published a small book of poems and accompanying black-and-white photographs of Key West, Florida, where he lived for four years. This book is the culmination of a nearly six-month effort to develop it from a short story to a full-length novel. R.J. is currently writing his third novel, the final novel of his Trilogy, titled; The Search for Ii-em-Hotepto. The author is a professional Wholistic therapist who lives and practices in Palm Springs, California. The Author can be contacted via email only at:
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