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About Me

where to start... lol hmm well im 22 im attending the conservatory of recording arts in tempe az ive toured w queensryche for almost 2 years as a roadie. i love to go to concerts and rock out like an idiot. i write lyrics to songs and have jammed out in a few bands. i have one of the weirdest lives ever but i love every min of it. ive died like 4 times and i have near death exsperiences almost ever year on my bday. lol crazy curse. i love to go jeeping lol yess i made that a word if its not one. me and my jeep are totally in love. we tear up any pile of mudd and turn on just about anyone lol i love to go camping and i love to waste time getting lost. so if u live sumwhere far away.. chances are ill come see u. i and a sucker for cheesy love songs, power ballads and more. lol music is all i do think and live. i can sing drum and play guitar. i like to relax when im blue and i try and enjoy the down but when im up and happy then things get odd lol

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