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About Me


"are you writing this as you sit in your lonely
apartment wearing a blonde wig, ruby red
lipstick, a pair of sstilleto heels, and a
sexy red nightie, all the while wondering
where your life had gone so horrily wrong? and
furthermore, what exactly were you gonna do
with the body of that dead hooker in the
bathtub?" -sindicate

"Furthermore, cut
your dick off because if you spawn and teach
your kid that these kinds of things are ok to
do, that means that this shit will continue
and warp minds for generations to come. And if
any of your generations ever touch any of my
generations, I will ensure that you will ALL
die slowly and painfully, away from your
grotesquely mutilated penises." -rosietobasco

"i want to wrap my vagina around your fucking
head and suffocate you to death." -EVIL_BITCHxx

"you know i thought awkward silences on the
internet was impossible but. You proved me
wrong. Kudos to you!" -mrperkins

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