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About Me

Let us take a look into the complicated mind of Surgious Halo, considered to be one of the most highly anticipated artist to come out of Colorado's booming music scene, Selling over five thousand CD's locally, releasing numerous albums and projects with out the help of a major record label. Halo has caught the eye of many acclaimed artist and producers, working with the Grammy nominated rapper Bizzy bone of bone thugs and harmony on many projects, along with Spice 1, Sunspot jonz of Living Legends, 2mex, Q-loco, Himself of the Netherworlds just to name a few. When writing a bio it is easy to generalize the person your speaking of by saying: all the great artists are twisted and have survived a lot of strife in their life's, but Surgious Halo is not a Musician/Vocalist to be generalized. In fact every CD released by this passionate being is different like night and day. Don't get to used to one of his styles he switches it up all the time. When I first was asked to write this article I wanted to say no. This is one of the few artists that cannot be summarized in a paragraph, but instead take a moment to listen to one of his albums and find out for yourself... Article by: Dillon Lawrence Halo is currently under new management and is working on various deals, so stay tuned to the page. and don't forget to subscribe!

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