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About Me

Hi my name is Terry Reid and welcome to my page!

I got started in network marketing about a few years ago. I came from a family that didn’t have much money. When I was a little young boy, I always had an interest in visions. In Those days I saw my parents and grand parents working their butt off trying to feed us and make life livable for us. I saw my cousins taking magazine pictures and decorating the board walls in our small house in Jamaica. I never understood all that, but it was fine with me that was my reality then. My father was a farmer and travel on farm work to send money, cloth, and schoolbooks back home so that I can go to school.

The Power of Visions

I remember one day, at age 5 I vision buildings with glass windows. My vision came through in 1990 when my father and I got all our legal papers to be a permanent resident in the United State. When I was younger also I vision myself as a doctor of an engineer, I did not became a doctor, but I became an electronic engineer. The lady I wanted in my life, the house, cars, and money are all in my vision. My vision for my girlfriend came through. She is 6’.3” and a teacher. I now vision seeing myself as a millionaire, living life to the fullest. To make a long story short, the power of visions are extremely powerful. I believe networking with others and helping people out is a great way to attract what you want in your life!

I am having great success learning to attract others that have being in my situation. If you feel like you understand what I am talking about be my friend and lets connect!

Terry Reid
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