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About Me

Omer Pasha-The Curse (French Edition)

The Curse French Edition is a compilation of 9 music videos of 'The Curse', 'Who Are You' and
'Come To Me' by Omer Pasha. The Curse French Edition features french subtitles as musical dialogues exchanged between the witch , Farah and the cursed boy, Pasha. The adventures of The Curse take place between Canada and the USA; Pasha brings his curse to Toronto, Vancouver, New York City and Los Angeles. All four cities fall in the spell of his curse. The french edition is especially compiled in honor of the french audience and the Cannes Film Festival for recognizing Omer Pasha's films for 2 years in a row at the Short Film Corner.

1.The Curse (Canadian Edit)
2.Who Are You (Canadian Edit)
3.Come To Me (Canadian Edit)
4.The Curse (New York City Edit)
5.Who Are You (New York City Edit)
6.Come To Me (New York City Edit)
7.The Curse ( Hollywood Edit)
8.Who Are You ( Hollywood Edit)
9.Come To Me ( Hollywood Edit)

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