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About Me

THETOWNBUG is a site for those interested in the latest buzz about anything current. thetownbug is in constant flight around town, specifically the greater Philadelphia region. It is thetownbug's responsibility to recognize topics pertaining to any current events, new music, upcoming events, local issues, and anything else that might interest followers. Since there is an endless amount of anything, thetownbug encourages anyone and everyone to ask questions and recommend topics that would prove interesting for the site by contacting Furthermore, if any of thetownbug's followers have had something on their minds, have ever had something on their minds, wish to advertise, or wish to have a favorite band recognized, etc., please, feel free to contact thetownbug at the email listed above. Additionally, if there is a topic/event/anything that any followers wish to see on thetownbug's website, again, feel free to e-mail the site! thetownbug is more than happy to share any buzz that the followers are happy to share! Help thetownbug help you.

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