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About Me

In Montreal I've co-produced hundreds of music clips (TsunaMiXes in SD 720x480)
I've encoded in low quality (240x340) many & uploaded some of
them on numerous hosts (revver,, myspace, metacafe,...)
I have 3 years of experience editing (audio-video) hundreds of TsunaMiXes
(surreal musical shorts) shot in MINI DV .

Our abundant catalog of TsunaMiX shorts are performance based, musical video
art pieces, hundreds of them in fact.

I've encoded 3 dozens of them in low quality (240x340) & uploaded several on
numerous hosts (revver, blip, myspace, metacafe, vimeo...)

As company (Sextant Films), we've done licensing deals before.

Being TsunaMiXed means that you become one of my subjects.
I do musical art videos in HD (TsunaMiXes) now I can it for
you for free all you need to do is setting up an appointment
where you think I can film you at your advantage a photo shoot
could do the trick or we can make one up just for
that purpose...

To keep it simple you'd get 10% the musical composer to
(technoish perfectly synched with the montage) of the
any licencing agrement I can get... 80% might seem like
a lot for a producer, director, editor, distributor
like me... , but beleive it's not it's a lot of work
to get a series of artsy shorts off up the ground
running for a profit.

Keep in mind that it'll give the opportunity to post
it wherever you want a get you way ahead of the crowd,
a competitive edge of some sorts.

I hope you'll seriously consider my offer 'cause I won't
be in Lala Land forever but what I could do with you would be!

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