Lee Roy Mercer -vs-Tony Stewart

It Aint Nothin For Lee Roy Mercer To Whoop A Mans NAS!LEE ROY MERCER opens a tallboy can of Whoop-Ass on todays top name NASCAR Drivers, Crew Chiefs, Owners with his New-Hit record GONE RACIN, The Album Formally Known As NASCALLS. GONE RACIN comes complete with CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY signed by former NASCAR Driver Rick Mast to verify that the Drivers, Crew Chiefs, and Owners featured on the disc are authentic. The Prank Call CD also features special bonus tracks including Exclusive Driver Interviews, the hit song American Redneck from cattleAXE, featuring Tom Bettini formerly of JACKYL Greg Yates the former guitar player of David Allan Coe, and a preview of ROWDY the racing radio show you call exclusively from your Cingular Phone.Track Listing1. Tony Stewart 10492. Rusty Wallace 2513. Jack Roush 4424. Dale Jarrett 4325. Kevin Harvick 4066. Sterling Marlin 1517. Jimmy Spencer 3308. Ryans -Voice Mail I 1289. Ken Schrader 13310. Michael Fatback McSwain 44511. Ryans -Voice Mail II 03412. Digger 22413. Bobby Labonte 32014. Ryans -Voice Mail III 03915. Cale Yarborough 33416. Robert Yates 54117. Ryans -Voice Mail IV 03718. American Redneck - Featuring cattleAXE 25819. Rick Mast Interview - Featuring ROWDY 1016Produced By JON HOLTZAssociate Producer RICK MASTCopyright 2005-2007 WarHead Records All Rights Reserved.LEE ROY MERCER Is A Registered Trademark Owned And Licensed For Use By WarHead Records.
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Uploaded 01/10/2007
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