woman taking a smile with a big smile because she is pooping

A recent survey done by QS Supplies has found some rather odd truths about peoples bathroom habits that honestly, are about as gross as we expect people to be. 

Among the questioned asked in the survey were things about washing habits, whether you pee in the shower or not and yes, if you also poop in the shower. No that is not a joke and yes, there are people out there who do poop in the shower. And according to the survey about 1 in 30 people have admitted to pooping in the shower. 1 in 30. Let that sink in. That means there is a good chance you know someone who either has or regularly does poop in the shower. 

Most of the questions are the standard, how often do you wash and what do you use when you do. Yadda yadda. Bu the news about, you know, the waffles stompers out there is a little bit too much information for most of us. 

And as news spread of the shower poopers among us, people on Twitter started asking their followers if they do poop in the tub. And to no ones surprises, a small margin of people admitted that yes, they do love a good shower poo. 

So, now it's your turn. Do you poop in the shower? Have you ever pooped in the shower and would you consider pooping in the shower in the future? Because I for one, am tempted to give it a try.