SpaceX Starman memes.

Whether you regard it as remarkable, impressive, or kind of cool, SpaceX's Falcon 9 Heavy launch yesterday was historic. It's single-handedly re-ignited mainstream fascination with space exploration, ushering us closer to a reality where we can be a multi-planetary species.

As goosebump-raising as the tandem booster landing was, the real highlight of the show was the Tesla Roadster that was launched into an indefinite orbit around the Sun. Yup, while thousands of upper class folk are itching for its release date so they can show off their climate-friendliness while going 0-60 quicker than you can say "f*** that rich guy", Tesla decided it'd be a good idea to launch a working model outside low-Earth orbit to possibly never be seen again.

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Thankfully, the car was equipped with a few cameras to document the ridiculousness of it all. What we're left with are some one-of-a-kind photos that help put to perspective how little our existence is, while offering some quality meme opportunities.

Below are some of the best memes about the Tesla Roadster soaring through space with Mr. Starman inside:

1. Apple Maps

Do people still use Apple Maps?

2. Dude

That facial expression, though.

3. Flat Earth

I'm sure one of you will think this is real.

4. Flying Cars

The future is here.

5. Get Lost

Are we there yet?

6. Sexy Time

I've never driven faster.

7. Grand Theft Auto

It never lasts long.

8. Spider Getaway

The only way I'd be able to sleep.

9. The Fast and the Furious 25

Farewell, Starman.

10. Uber

No tip for you.

You can watch Starman's journey through space live here.