With the inventor of Jelly Belly, David Klen, now coming out with CBD Jelly beans here are 10 flavors that we think should 100% exist. Also, Ben and Jerry's we are waiting for CBD ice cream. While they may have already decided on a bunch of boring flavors, here are the flavors that we think should be included as well.

1. Mountain Dew Baja Blast Flavor

The best flavor of Mountain Dew is gonna be the new best flavor of jelly beans. 

2. Cheesy Gordita Crunch Flavor

Pairs perfectly with the Baja Blast jelly beans and probably the Taco Bell you picked up on the way home from the dispensary. 

3. Grape Swisher Flavor

A nod to the famous rolling papers, honestly it'll just taste like grape but with a swisher aftertaste that probably isn't tasty but let's be honest and not pretend we are eating these for the taste.

4. Water Flavor

For the cotton mouth duh.

5. Stem Flavor

Tastes just like stems to bring you back to the days of dime bags.

6. Old Tortilla Chips W/No Salsa Because You Forgot to Go Grocery Shopping And There Is No Postmates Right Now Flavor

This flavor is a bit of an afterthought just like when you realize you are too far gone to go outside and talk to people for real food.

7. My Family's Disappointment Flavor

Eating this flavor makes your mom call you instantly and she'll know you are under the influence the moment you pick up. 

8. Are The Cops Behind Us Flavor

Flavor so good you'll start to see things.

9. I Swear That's a Cop Dude Flavor

But it could actually be a cop dude. Slow down.

10. Never Mind That's Just a Prius Flavor

False alarm, pass the jelly beans.