the 14th anniversary of Dave Matthews Band dropping 800 pounds of shit on people in Chicago

Fourteen years ago today, the Dave Matthews Band, tour bus driver made one of the shittiest mistakes of his career. After playing a show in Chicago and before departing for another, the tour bus had to release all the human shit (not the band) taking up room on the bus. 

And by accident, the bus driver unloaded all that shit and piss (again not the members) into the Chicago river and right on top of a floating group of some 100+ tourists. 

After the incident, the band had to provide DNA samples to authorities so the sewage could be confirmed as theirs, leading their driver to plead guilty to reckless conduct netting him an, 18-month probation, 150 hours of community service and a whopping $10,000 fine. 

And imagine, after all that, it wasn't even the shittiest thing they ever did (making music).