American Pyscho's Patrick Bateman is back in the meme universe with a greenscreen edit of him walking. Where will Patrick walk next? Here are my top 10 favorite memes that I saw on Instagram and YouTube. Enjoy!

#1 @Toucher_of_cancer on IG and YouTube is really pushing the boundaries of 3D animation in memes. Here is my favorite example of the Patrick Bateman walking meme. 

#2 @stoned.bull is an up and coming meme creator on IG and YouTube who made a FIFA 14 edit that brought back my nostalgia. 

#3 @Igotsilver made like 15 of these memes. Each one was just as good as the last. 

#4 @Pamcinema made the greenscreen for this meme. He actually has a template page called @pamtemplates where meme creators can pick and choose from different greenscreens to use in their memes. Here's his meme. 







Bonus meme!

Make your own!