Helpful tips - quick tips and tricks

The holiday season is all about coming together in the spirit of giving, and while the people of Twitter aren't going to go out and buy you anything, in this thread they've come together to give you some tips and tricks you can keep using to improve your life. 

It all starts with this user, who gives you a great tip for microwaving leftovers and encourages others to share their own bits of life advice.

This one is for anyone who just can't handle the holiday season anymore.

If you need an instant cup of coffee, you need a way to make it.

I will definitely be trying this one starting right now.

And here I thought they were just for shredding apart in my dryer.

Maybe they should rename it puller instead.

I've learned this one the hard way with the pressure jet that is my urine stream.

Especially when you have an ancient computer.

I'm just hoping they will have solved this one by the time I'm done destroying my hearing.

Or just stir like an absolute madman and spill on the counter.

Anything you get out now, is less time in the next hell-hole.

There's no way that feels even remotely good.

Only problem is my drawing might be worse than my writing.

Save yourself the most embarrassing of all follow-ups.

And this, the most important piece of advice you will ever read anywhere.