Misleading thumbnails gallery.

Here at eBaum's World we're experts at disappointment, and few things are as disappointing as an image not being what it appears to be.

In this top-tier feech we're going to go through 17 thumbnails that will mislead you. At the bottom you can find out what you were actually looking at. Sound fun? Let's go.


The matrix.

Crowd at a concert.

Lady. ;)

Cookies n' cream.

Riot shields ready for entry.

Spilled ice cream cone.

Beach girl with a brand spankin' new man bun haircut.

Petri dish.

Thighs for days.

Black marker on scantron.

World's largest cheese-steak.

Nice lady sitting on a comfy couch.

Delicious bacon.

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KFC fried chicken.

Mushrooms growing on a track where people race and such.

Oh helllooooooooooooo.

Fried motherboard.

Full Size

Are you ready for the full reveal? Here. We. Go.

The matrix is actually a rice field.

There's no concert happening in this living room.

Lady? You wish. It's just a curtain.

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I don't recommend eating these cookies n' cream looking Dalmatians.

These knee high socks won't help you during a SWAT operation.

This ice cream cone can fly.

That's actually someone else's haircut.

This is way cooler than a petri dish.

Someone needs to save this kitty.

Dude accidentally dropped his Scranton in the water.

Gross AF.

She is the couch.

Bacon flavored wood?


No, they aren't mushrooms.

How disappointing.

The designer of this high school must be an engineer.

Did you guess any of them right? Let us know in the comments below.