Be careful posting questions to Twitter, especially if that question has anything to do with millennial culture. Alyssa Lucas, a 17-year-old from Baltimore made that very mistake when she overheard people talking about burning cds in a Best Buy and decided to ask twitter how to burn cds. 

Millennial twitter had a field day reminiscing about the early 2000s. They love nothing more basking feeling old and bemoaning the younger generations just like the generations before them.

Twitter loves to put on the nostalgia glasses and remind you why their generation is the best generation.

Can't forget the good old days of having a hundred binders filled with thousands of plastic aerodynamic sharp compact musical shurikens just so you can listen to that one Nelly Furtado song in your Mitsubishi Eclipse.  

Just wait till she has to clean out her parents' attic and they have to explain to her what cassettes and laserdiscs are.