Lara Croft cosplay comparison.

There are plenty of great women in video games, none more well-known than the legendary Lara Croft. Since 1996 she's been raiding tombs, most recently in the award-winning Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Nothing makes us happier at electronic baldman's world than seeing Lara come to life through cosplay. Below are 18 of our favorites. Let us know which is your favorite.

1. Alison Carol

She might want to pay attention to where she's aiming those things.

2. Amouranth

This well-known Twitch livestreamer likes to cosplay Lara Croft when she isn't squatting for donations.

3. Athora

Nobody said that surviving is easy.

4. Bianca Beauchamp

While impressively realistic, why is she out in the cow pastures of Scotland?

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5. Enji Night

Enji is one of the most popular Lara Croft cosplayers. In this photo you can see why.

6. Erin Lei

For diversity's sake.

7. Illyne

Can't tell if ready to begin 100 meter sprint or just landed from a falling tree.

8. Irine Meier

Lara directly off a hiking trail in Southern California (her native habitat).

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9. Jenn Croft

I'm willing to bet she can shoot some tight groups.

10. Julie Peugeot

Majestic AF. I'm more impressed by the scenery than the cosplay.

11. Lena Lara

Can't tell if Lara Croft cosplay or a woman who just survived a scuba diving accident.

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12. LiliDen

Nice pickaxes.

13. LiSaCroft

This might just be a random woman in the arctic tundra, to be honest.

14. Max TRS

True story: this cosplayer and her photographer took a helicopter up 3,000 meters just to get this shot. Worth.

15. MitsuYomi

I think her foot brushed against a seaweed.

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16. Tanyacroft

I'm pretty sure this shot was taken at the San Diego Zoo.

Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.