Randy Marsh shrine - girl loves randy marsh

This 19-year-old girl named Norah has an insane obsession with South Park's Randy Marsh. Norah has proclaimed her love for Randy and labeled him as her husband. As a token of her love, she has turned her room into an absolutely staggering shrine in his honor, and it must be seen to be believed. 

Norah has amassed a following on all the major social media, going by tokitaffy, with people understandably amazed and puzzled over her strange fixation. After all, Randy Marsh is far from a prince charming, and this level of obsession surpasses even the most devoted fans of the most popular characters. Randy Marsh hardly feels deserving. 

Norah seems happy to answer questions and explain her hyper-fixation, and even she understands its peculiarity. That being said, she shows no signs of stopping any time soon, and seeing as she still lives with her parents, one would think any significant pushback from them would have occurred long ago. 

@tokitaffy As long as ur respectful u guys can always ask questions! #southpark #southparkrandymarsh #southparkrandy #randymarsh ♬ original sound - sp33dsongsx

While we don't exactly understand or encourage Norah's love for Randy, her dedication can't help but be admired, and it seems to be something that has been a positive coping mechanism for her in tougher times. Here's to Norah, and her everlasting South Park love. 

@tokitaffy my shrine video just hit 1 million views i cant do this u guys #southpark #randymarsh #sprandymarsh #southparkfyp ♬ That was my target audience anyway - Bianca